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Business rental

Work travel can often become stressful and costly hotel rooms do not help the matter. Why not rent your own apartment instead?

We offer a variety of different sized apartments to cater to your needs: single apartments for just one person or large apartments for groups. All of which include high-speed internet, working spaces, and areas to relax after a long day of conferences. The additional services we offer can make your business trip hassle-free, such as daily cleaning and the provision of fresh towels, drinks and snacks, and convenient airport and city transfers. Almost anything can be arranged on request.

Looking for a longer stay? We also offer apartments for multiple weeks or months at competitive prices with all the luxuries and services available mentioned above.

Visit this page to know more about our apartment portfolios made for business-related rentals.


Rental for events and shootings

Our portfolio features a variety of stunning properties; from penthouse apartments to townhouses in the middle of Barcelona. We offer the ability to rent a property for many types of different events such as business meetings, showrooms, photo shootings, etc.


For more information and special offers please feel free to contact us directly!